USA Pavilion Expo 2012

Turkish National Day Performance

By: George Vourderis and Ellen Truchon, Student Ambassadors, USA Pavilion 2012

As USA Pavilion Ambassadors, we both made our first trip to the Yeosu Expo Hall for Turkey’s National Day.  We had heard from some of our fellow Student Ambassadors about the goodie bags that are frequently given out at these types of events, and as soon as we walked in, we were given bags of our own.  And fortunately for us, there was a pin inside! As with other large international events, pins representing different countries are popular keepsakes.

Although neither of us have ever traveled to Turkey, the opening remarks about Turkey’s flourishing economy followed by the energetic dance routine that was performed by “The Fire of Anatolia” team made us feel as if we had stepped foot into a Turkish microcosm.

The show was dynamic and lively, combining rhythmic beats along with the sporadic shouts of the dancers to create a strange yet flowing harmony.  It was interesting to see how engaged the audience was throughout the performance.  To our surprise, Turkey and South Korea have developed very close political and economic relations over the past few years.  As we learned from the Ambassador’s speech, Turkey sent an envoy of troops to support South Korea during the Korean War.  The passion of the Turkish dancers reinforced this brotherhood and helped cement a new road in diplomatic relations between Turkey and South Korea.  We had a great time at the performance and will definitely make an effort to visit the evening performance today as well!

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