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USAP Student Ambassadors build bridges with Korean Students

Sarah Slagle (24) Scarborough, Maine; Arizona State University Today I got the chance to chat with several students around the USA Pavilion.  They all seemed interested in the ocean and definitely had a chance to learn a lot more about it during their Expo visit.  I asked them about their ocean experiences and about how we [...]

A Visit to the Kazakhstan Pavilion

By Madison Lee and Josh Grisé, Student Ambassadors, USA Pavilion As student ambassadors, it is part of our duty to both maintain and improve relations with staff members at the other pavilions.  Today, we took a visit to the Kazakhstan pavilion, where we experienced Kazakh culture, learned about the Aral Sea, and made new friends.  [...]

A Class Without a Classroom

By Erin Haney, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion At 9:00 every morning, large groups of visitors flood Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea. Many are on vacation and want to just enjoy themselves and have fun. Others come on school trips and are expected to complete assignments while they go through the pavilions. Both groups, however, [...]

Interacting with the Local Government Pavilion!

Hanah Park and Sarah Slagle, Student Ambassadors, USA Pavilion Today was such a fun day!  We got to visit the Local Government Pavilion and make friends with the city representatives who work there.  We learned so much about each city we visited.  It’s amazing how much diversity there is in Korea, considering it’s about the [...]

Student Ambassadors and Staff Clean Up Yeosu Beach



On June 15th, a team of USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors took the Expo theme of protecting the Living Ocean and Coast to the shores of Yeosu with a beach clean-up at Black Sand Beach. In attendance were USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors and staff, including Ellen Truchon, So-Jung Youn, Audrey Ok, Patrick Branco and Cathy Xie. [...]

Korean Democratic United Party Representatives Visit the USA Pavilion

“The Maldives: The Country of Screensavers”

By: Esther Weon, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion When first told that the Maldives’ National Day ceremonies would be held today at the Expo Hall, only a few token phrases that I vaguely remembered from middle school geography came to mind—archipelago, tropical, islands. Apart from these buzz words, I was a little ashamed to admit that [...]

“Monaco National Day and the Screening of Jacques Perrin’s “Oceans”

By: Joshua Stone and Jenna Morrison, Student Ambassadors, USA Pavilion Today the King of Monaco, H.S.H. Prince Albert II visited the Yeosu Expo to celebrate the National Day of the Principality of Monaco and to honor the overarching theme of the exposition itself: “The Living Ocean and Coast”. Although the high-level experts’ meeting on the [...]