USA Pavilion Expo 2012

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Expo 2012 is in Yeosu; is there an Expo in Minnesota’s future?

By John Hottinger and Steve Heckler Minnesota Post, USA

A Day of Surprises at Expo 2012

By:  Ellen Truchon, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion 2012 The other day my fellow Student Ambassador Brittany Alexander and I decided to make a goodwill visit to the POSCO pavilion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the company, POSCO, they are the world’s 5th largest steel producer. We handed out our US-Korea flag pins [...]

The Argentina Pavilion

By: Madison Lee, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion 2012 As is often the case when you have the whole world at your fingertips, today’s VIP visit was difficult to decide on. However, walking by the Argentina Pavilion where a sign advertised a tango performance with live music in just 10 minutes helped me make the final [...]

Fiji National Day

By:  Josh Grisé, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion As student ambassadors at the USA Pavilion, part of our job encompasses learning about and understanding other cultures.  Today, fellow Student Ambassador Anne Clay and I attended the national day of Fiji, where we saw traditional performances, heard the ambassador of Fiji speak, and learned about life in [...]

Uncle Sam Reading Camp

By: Bernadette Asuelime, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion 2012 Yesterday, my fellow student ambassador Marisal  Dobbins and I made a trip to Gwangju, where we spent the day volunteering at the Uncle Sam Reading Camp at the Mudeung Library sponsored by the US Embassy in Seoul . Our day started with a bus ride that took [...]

The Korea Economic Institute Six Party Talks Simulation

By: Susie McClannahan, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion For several years now I have been interested in pursuing a career in international relations, especially in the Foreign Service, once I graduate from college. Therefore, one of the great opportunities of being a USA Pavilion Student Ambassador for me is meeting engaging and knowledgeable people who are already [...]